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Documents That Are Required To Open Account

For Savings Account : 2 Photo, Ration Card / Rent Agreement / Voter Id / PAN Card / Driving License /
Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill. (For Minors Birth Certificate / Marksheet)
For Current Account : Documents Required For Savings Account Along With Letter of Request By
Society, Firm or Society Registration Certificate / Propreitor Letter / Authorization Letter.
For Trust Account : Documents Required For Savings Account Along With Trust Registration Number And Certificated.
F.U.H : Documents Required For Savings Account Along With Undivided Hindu Family Certificate.
For Ltd. : Company Account : Documents Required For Savings Account Along With Certificate of Incorporation,
Certificate of Commencement of Business, Memorandum of Articles of Association, Resolution of Board to Open
And Operate An Account, List Of Directors.

Terms And Conditions

This is a online facility for customers to open their account. Customers can fill the form and can either
take a print out of the completely filled form or mail the form to bank at for
further processing. Though Customer has to manually visit the branch with required original documents
to verify his/her identity.

Form No. 60 (See Third Provision To Rule 114-B)

Form of declaration to be filled by a person who does not have either a permanent account number or
general index register number and who makes a payment in cash in respect of transaction specified in
clauses (A) to (H) of rule 114-B.

1. Full Name and Address of the declarant
2. Particulars of Transaction
3. Amount of Transaction
4. Are you assessed to tax ? (Yes/No)
5. If yes,
   a) Detail of Ward/Circle/Range Where the last return of income was filed.
   b) Details of the document being produced in support of address in column (1)


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